December 2020

December 16, 2020

KidKare for Providers

FIXED: (Accounting) Credit balances are not being removed when users delete invoice payments after updating the child on that invoice.

KidKare for Guardians

UPDATED: We have added a message to the mobile version of income eligibility pages in eForms that reminds parents to scroll down and complete all required fields. 

KidKare for Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: Withdrawn dates are showing for active children on the Child Roster for children who were re-activated from KidKare. This issue only affects KidKare.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

FIXED: UN (Unannounced) is selected on the Massachusetts KidKare Review report for both Announced and Unannounced reviews. This should only display for reviews marked as Unannounced.