November 2020

November 25, 2020

KidKare for Centers (All)

UPDATED: We added a draggable School Out event to the Calendar. This allows center users to mark school out for a range of time, so they do not see the School Out prompt when taking attendance and recording meal counts. For more information, see Manage School Out Days.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

UPDATED: Some sponsored centers can now withdraw pending children. This ability is controlled by sponsor policy.

KidKare for Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: The Original Enrollment Date is not auto-populating for new eForms enrollments.

November 11, 2020

KidKare for All Users

FIXED: When the language setting is set to Spanish, some buttons on the Messages page display code strings instead of button labels if there is no Spanish translation present. These buttons should display in English instead.

KidKare for Sponsors of Homes

FIXED: When sponsors exit Observer Mode, they are directed to the Minute Menu KidKare page instead of the sponsor home page.

KidKare for Sponsors of Centers

FIXED: Household Determination is not populated in eForms for some children.

KidKare for Independent Centers

UPDATED: We have added the Title XX/XIX Expiration Date to the View Child CACFP tab.
FIXED: When independent centers create a food rule named "participants," the rule name is blank on the Rules page.

KidKare for Providers

FIXED: Participant designation (i.e. child, client, etc.) is missing from the Relation to Provider drop-down menu on the Add Child page and the Calendar. This issue typically occurs if a provider sets the What Would You Like to Call the Participants in Your Program drop-down menu to Clients.

KidKare for Sponsored Centers

FIXED: When saving receipts, a popup displays warning center users if they leave the page their changes will be discarded. If users click Continue Without Saving, only one receipt is created, and if users click Save, the receipt is duplicated.

Sponsored Centers

FIXED: When saving receipts, a popup displays warning them if they leave the page their changes will be discarded. If users click Continue Without Saving, only one receipt is created, and if users click Save, the receipt is duplicated.

November 8, 2020

EasyPay (Centers)

UPDATED: Payers who have signed up for AutoPay will receive an email reminder three (3) days before automatic payment will be charged against their account.
UPDATED: Notifications now display for sites when a payer has declined payment. Payers receive notifications when invoices are received, they've declined payment, and when the recurring invoice amount is charged by the site.
UPDATED: Users can now delete payments for pending invoices.
UPDATED: Users can now use the orange gear on the Participant Account Details page to filter participants by Active, Pending, and Withdrawn status.
FIXED: Site staff should not be able to subscribe to ePay. This option should only be available to center administrators.
FIXED: Users are unable to delete file attachments on email templates.
FIXED: Adding tags to the body of email templates is difficult.
FIXED: When users print an invoice, the first page of the invoice is blank.
FIXED: The Upgrade Account button on the Site Level Settings page should read Apply Now for sponsored center users.
FIXED: When Payers click the link in the Welcome Email to set up their account, they receive a Token is Incorrect error, instead of being prompted to reset their password.
FIXED: Kidkare should read KidKare on the EasyPay Signup page.
FIXED: Independent center users cannot generate the Form W-10 report.