September 2021

September 15, 2021

All Users

UPDATED: We have added an option to the Received, Sent, Sponsor Call Log, and Archived tabs in the Messages tool that allows users to decide how many records to display on one page.
UPDATED: We have updated the Pennsylvania income eligibility form to use the new federal form.
FIXED: The Archived tab in the Messages tool shows archived messages for all users under an account.

Home Sponsors

UPDATED: We have added the following filters to the Message tool: Status, Monitor, Claims Source, and Claims Submitted. For more information, see Message Providers in KidKare.
FIXED: The Responses section still displays in Sent Messages.

Center Sponsors

FIXED: We have removed the Additional Information section from the Add Food page. This section should only display for sponsors of homes.


FIXED: The 5 Day Attendance Report cannot show five consecutive days when it is run for two months. For example, a report with a start date of November 27 and an end date of December 2 could not be properly generated.
FIXED: Users are unable to use the Is this whole grain rich? slider when scheduling menus. This issue only occurred in Firefox browsers.
FIXED: An error displays when providers attempt to sign a completed review in the Review Acknowledgement pop-up.


FIXED: The Claim Error report is not generating properly for centers with multiple licenses.
FIXED: Users are unable to update the Work phone on the Child Information page.
FIXED: (Adult Meal Pattern) The Was yogurt substituted for milk? slider sets to No unexpectedly after the user estimates attendance.
FIXED: (EasyPay) Users were unable to generate W-10s.

September 8, 2021

Home Sponsors

UPDATED: We have updated the KidKare Review Tool to allow sponsors to require signatures for desk reviews. This is a slider called If this is a desk review, do you want to require an electronic signature? If you select this option, providers will receive a message in their email and in KidKare prompting them to review and sign their Review report with a mouse, finger, or stylus. For more information, see Require Signatures for Desk Reviews at the HX Knowledge Base.


UPDATED: If your sponsor indicates that they require a signature for a desk review, you will receive an email and a message in KidKare prompting you to review the Review report and electronically sign for it. When you click the link in this message, the Review Acknowledgement pop-up opens. You can click the link in this pop-up to view your Review report. When finished, sign for the review in the pop-up and click Acknowledge & Sign. For more information, see Sign Desk Reviews Electronically.