View Other Income

All other income you add to KidKare is stored on the Other Income page. This gives you a central place to review things such as registration fees, claim reimbursements, side business income, and so on. 

  1. From the menu to the left, click EasyPay.
  2. Click Income.
  3. Enter your EasyPay PIN and click Go.
    Note: If you do not have an EasyPay PIN set, you are prompted to set one.
  4. Click  and select Other Income. The Other Income page opens and displays all income entries you've entered to date.
    The following information displays for each entry (assuming you provided it):
    • Date: This is the date the income was received.
    • Category: This is the category to which you assigned the income.
    • Source: This is the source of the income you assigned to this entry.
    • Amount: This is the dollar amount of the income.
    • Memo: This displays any notes you entered about the other income entry.
  5. Use the boxes and menus at the top of the table to filter the income that displays.
  6. Click each column header to sort in ascending or descending order.