January 2024

January 10, 2024

All KidKare Users

UPDATED - Enrollment Expiration Date in Child Details will now update as the enrollment date is updated.

UPDATED - KidKare users can now move a child to pending status from the Child Details screen.

UPDATED-  Users required to enter Actual Quantities Served can now see total amount in cups vs gallons.

FIXED - Receipts entered in UTC time zone now showing correct receipt date.

ADDED- When adding a new parent or guardian, you now have the option to select from list of guardians already in the software.

KidKare for Sponsors & Sponsored Centers

UPDATED - Sponsors can now enter individual infant menus from Observer Mode.

FIXED - Center and Sponsor Signatures now show up on eForms requiring both signatures.

ADDED - Sponsors now have more functionality in KidKare for Master Menus (Master Menu Copy & Paste Feature | Master Menu Calendar Filters and weekend added)

January 24, 2024

All KidKare Users

UPDATED - Bread/Alt servings & 2 1/2 can calculations for Actual Quantities Served have been updated

January 31, 2024

All KidKare Users

UPDATED - First and last names in KK can now accept numbers like CX.

UPDATED - eForms Approve and Renew screen now has an option for how many records to display.

UPDATED - Some unnecessary fields have been removed from the TX Weekly Attendance & Meal Count Report for scanning. 

UPDATED - The center's provided infant formula now populates on the infant enrollment form. 

UPDATED - The SSN number for guardians has been added to KK.

UPDATED - Staff meal count now populates on Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report.

FIXED - The parent phone number now displays after creating a new parent with eForms (Homes).

FIXED - Users who are not admins but have permission can now access Advance Claim Month and Milk Audit.

FIXED - IEF and Enrollment forms for PA centers now print in order correctly. 

FIXED - NC claim upload file now pulls data for separate contracts based on the State Agreement Number in Manage Child Information.

FIXED -  WI IEF updated to 2024 version.

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