[VIDEO] Re-Process Claims

Re-processing claims is sometimes necessary if you process a claim, but some piece of information was incorrect when the claim was processed initially.

Note: Re-processing claims wipes out any previous claim information—including any adjustments you have made to claim counts and meal disallowances.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Claims and select Process Claims. The Process Claims page opens. If you do not operate in multiple states, go to Step 3.
  2. Click the State drop-down menu and select the state for which to process claims. You can select multiple states, or you can select All.
  3. Click the Claim Month drop-down menu and select the correct claim month.
  4. Click the Processing Actions drop-down menu and select Reprocess Existing Claims.
  5. Click Process. or, to print the OER, click the down arrow next to Process and select Process and Print OER.

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