KidKare Food Program comes with numerous reports to better help you run your childcare business. Click here to learn more about the reports we have to offer!

Claim Statements Reports

Claim Statement reports provide a wealth of information about your food program participation for the year. Click here to learn more!

Meals & Attendance Reports

Tracking meals and attendance is an integral part of food program management. Learn more about meals and attendance reports here.

Finance Reports

Finance reports provide information about receipts entered into KidKare. Click here to learn more!

Rates Reports

Need to know the current CACFP reimbursement? We've got a report for that. Click here to learn more!

KidKare Accounting Reports

KidKare Accounting provides several new financial reports. Learn how to print W-10s, statements of account, and more!


Need a blank form for attendance? Look no further!