Add and Manage Mileage Records

Record mileage for trips made for business purposes on the Mileage page. If you have set up vehicles on the Vehicle page, you can assign mileage to a particular vehicle. For more information about adding vehicles, see Add and Manage Vehicles.

Adding Mileage Records

When you add mileage records, the only required information is the miles traveled. However, it is useful to add additional information, such as the vehicle used, the origin, your destination, and so on so you have a more complete record of miles traveled for business purposes.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Accounting.
  2. Click Expenses.
  3. Click  and select Mileage.
  4. Click . The Add/Edit page opens.
  5. Click the Date box and enter the date for this record. This defaults to the current date.
  6. Click the Vehicle drop-down menu and select the vehicle to which to assign this record.
  7. Click the Origin box and enter the starting point of this trip. For example, if you are starting from your home, you could enter Home.
  8. Click the Destination box and enter your destination. For example, you could enter the name of a grocery store.
  9. Click the Miles box and enter the total mileage for a one-way trip. For example, if your destination is 10 miles from your origin, you would enter 10 in this box. This is the only box that is required.
  10. Click the Purpose box and enter a reason for this trip, if needed.
  11. Check the Round Trip box to automatically calculate round trip miles (to your destination and back to your origin). For example, if you entered 10 in the Miles box, the mileage change to 20 when you check this box.
  12. Click Save or Save/Add Another.

Managing Mileage Records

Each mileage record you enter is stored on the Mileage page. You can filter this page to view specific mileage records for specific date ranges.

To filter this list:

  1. Click the Date Range drop-down menu and select a date range to view. You can choose from the following:
    • Current Month
    • Current Quarter
    • Current Year
    • Previous Month
    • Previous Quarter
    • Previous Year
  2. Click Go. The display updates.

Note: To set a custom date range, click the From and To boxes and enter the date range to view. Then, click Go.

Updating Mileage Records

To update or correct a mileage record:

  1. From the Mileage page, click the record to update. The Add/Edit page opens.
  2. Enter new information over the existing information.
  3. Click Update or Save/Add Another.

Removing Mileage Records

To remove a mileage record (for example, you might have entered mileage in error):

  1. From the Mileage page check the box next to the record to delete.
  2. Click .
  3. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.

Note: You can also delete mileage records from the Add/Edit page. To do so, click the record to delete. The Add/Edit page opens. Click Delete at the bottom of the window and respond to the confirmation prompt.

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