[VIDEO] Send Claims to Your Sponsor

At the end of the month, send claims to your sponsor on the Send to Sponsor page. Note that once you send your claim to your sponsor, your food program information (menus, attendance, and meal counts) will no longer be editable. If you send a claim and then realize a change is needed, contact your food program sponsor for assistance.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Food Program.
  2. Click Send to Sponsor. The Send to Sponsor page opens and displays the claim summary for the current month. Note that the Not Sent to Sponsor text displays.
  3. Review the claim summary and check for any possible issues.
  4. Click Verify In/Out to run the Verify In/Out Times report, if needed. The report opens and automatically filters to the current month. When finished, return to the Send to Sponsor page.
  5. Check the I Agree to Terms and Conditions box.
  6. Click Send. The text at the top of the page changes to Sent to Sponsor. The date and time you submitted the claim also display.

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