Print an Account Statement

The Account Statement report lists all invoices and payments within a selected time frame.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Reports.
  2. Click the Select a Category drop-down menu and select Accounting Reports.
  3. Click the Select a Report drop-down menu and select Statement of Account.
  4. Click the All Parents drop-down menu and select the parent to include in this report.
  5. Click the Date Range drop-down menu and select the time frame for which to print the report. You can also set a custom date range in the From and To boxes.
  6. Click Run. The report displays.
  7. To print it, click Print. Your browser's printer options display.
  8. Adjust your printer settings, as needed, and click Print.

´╗┐Note:´╗┐ If you are printing this report, click  to collapse the report header. This saves space on your printed report.

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