Record Temperatures During Check-In

You can record participant temperatures while checking participants in and out for the day to screen for illness. These temperatures are included on the Daily Participant In/Out Times report, so you can track temperatures over time. A temperature column is also included to the Sign In/Out Worksheet, so you can record temperatures on paper, if needed.

Enabling Temperature Recording

Temperature recording is disabled by default. Enable this feature to record temperatures during check-in.

  1. From the menu to the left, click . The Settings page opens.
  2. In the General Settings section, click  next to Would you like to be able to record participant temperatures at check in? to enable temperature recording. Your changes are saved automatically.

Recording Temperatures at Check-In

Once you've enabled temperature recording, you record temperatures on the Check In/Out page.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Check In/Out. The Check In/Out page opens.
  2. Mark participants in attendance as you normally would.
  3. Take the participants' temperature.
  4. Click the Temperature box and record the temperature taken. The temperatures you record will be included on the Participant In/Out Times report.

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