Print Scheduled Menus from Calendar

You can print scheduled menus directly from the Calendars page. Menus print for the age group you've selected on the calendar. For more information about scheduling menus, see Schedule Menus.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Calendar.
  2. Click Schedule Menus.
  3. Click Print Scheduled Menus.
  4. Select Infants or Non-Infants.
  5. Click the Date Range drop-down menu and select the time period to view. For example, you can print scheduled menus for the current month. To set a custom range, select Custom and use the From and To boxes to select the dates for which to run the report.
  6. Click Run. The scheduled menus for the age group and date range you selected display.
    Image showing the location of the print scheduled menus button in the top-right corner
  7. Click Print. Your browser's printer options open.
  8. Adjust your print settings, as needed, and click Print.

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