Receipt & Expense Reports

There are several useful reports available to help you track center receipts.

  • Non-Profit Status Report: Use this report to ensure that centers are running a non-profit food service.
  • Center Receipts Journal Report: View a list of all receipts. This report includes vendor, description, and expenses broken down by category.
  • Monthly Receipt Totals: View a list of centers that submitted receipts, the total number of receipts submitted by each center, and the total of each expense category.
  • Labor Tally Sheet: Give this report to staff members to record time spent on CACFP activities, such as menu planning, purchasing food, cooking, cleaning, and so on.
  • Receipt List Export: Export receipt data to a spreadsheet file (XLSX). Use filters to select the exact data you need to export.

Note: All receipts are included on all of these reports, regardless of verification status. We recommend you delete those receipts you cannot verify before running any of these reports.

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