Print Individual Infant Menus Records

If you have enabled individual infant menu reporting, you can print individual infant menus. The Infant Feeding Report lists menus for each infant served and includes the following for each meal:

  • Meal Components
  • Food Served by Component
  • Quantity Required by Component
  • Quantity Served by Component

Note: Quantity served is only included if you have set policy M.01 to Y.

This report also includes information such as, the center's name and site number, whether the parent accepts center formula and/or food, the infant's age in months, the infant's date of birth, and more.

Each infant is listed on a separate page. This report is sorted by child name, and you can print it for all active centers or for your selected center.

To print this report:

  1. From the menu to the left, click Reports.
  2. Click the Select a Category drop-down menu and select Menus.
  3. Click the Select a Report drop-down menu and select Infant Feeding Report.
  4. Click the Select Center drop-down menu and select the center for which to print the report. You can also select All Active Centers to print the report for All Active Centers.
  5. Click the From and To boxes to set the date range for which to print this report.
  6. Click Run. The report downloads as a PDF.

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