March 2024

March 6, 2024

All KidKare Users

FIXED - Child number duplicating when using eForms has been fixed.

FIXED - Sponsored Centers cannot remove or edit formulas entered by the Sponsor.

FIXED - Formulas offered by home provider now show up on infant form as a drop down to select from vs a type in field.

FIXED - Claim Roster pulling blank issue has been fixed.

FIXED - When entering center bank details in KidKare, routing numbers starting with "0" are now accepted.

UPDATED - Meals served during the second shift show up on Meals & Attendance reports with a "2" instead of an "x"

UPDATED -  Diet Statement on File has been disabled for Sponsored Centers.  This is a field only the sponsor can edit now.

ADDED - Infant details now continue to show on the child details page up to 3 months after the infant turns 1.  

ADDED - Manage Formula Type has been added to KidKare for Home Sponsors.

ADDED - New button in User Roles & Permissions allows any adjustments made to a role to be applied to all users who are currently assigned to that role.

ADDED - An option for "Unknown" has been added to the Race options for all users.

March 20, 2024

KidKare for Homes

UPDATED -Non-Discrimination statement has been added the the bottom of the Scheduled Menus report

All KidKare Users

FIXED - Infant Menus that are planned in advance now show meal components when on the Individual Infant Feeding screen.

FIXED -Marking an infant form as on file no longer activates the participant.

UPDATED  - Milk audit now splits the month when a child ages out of a specific milk type.

UPDATED  - Milk audit now splits the month when a child milk allergy takes effect mid-month.

ADDED -"Unknown" is now an option for all users when selecting a participant race as long as policy D. 21 is set to No.

March 24, 2024

KidKare for Centers and Center Sponsors

UPDATED - Parent Provided milk has been added to the Menu Production Record, Actual Quantities Required, and Actual Quantities Served on the Daily Menu.

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