[VIDEO] Complete eForms Onsite

If a guardian advises they do not have access to the Internet, their own device, or email address to complete enrollment forms, you can open the forms for them to complete on-site.

Required Permissions: You must have the eForms permission enabled on your account to use the eForms feature.

  1. From the menu to the left, click eForms.
  2. Click View Status.
  3. In the Show Records For section, set filters, if needed.
    1. Use the From and To boxes to set a date range to view.
    2. Click the Filter drop-down menu and select the status to view.
  4. Click . The form opens.
  5. Have the guardian use the computer/device to complete the forms, beginning with the participant's date of birth.
  6. Once the guardian has completed each page of the form, you are returned to the eForms page. The completed form has a status of Submitted (Parent). You can now Approve and Renew the form.

The video below explains all action items on the View Status page.

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